Why choose Kiwiso



New Zealand is famous for its natural beauty, unspoiled landscapes and open spaces. It has clear rivers and oceans, clean air and unique plants and foods. These precious resources are highly valued around the world, giving New Zealand an unparalleled reputation for purity. The brands available from Kiwiso capture New Zealand’s natural resources in a sustainable way.


We source premium products, made with unique New Zealand ingredients, and developed to protect and sustain Aotearoa’s beautiful natural environment. We select only the safest and most trusted brands – so our customers are treated to the very best that New Zealand has to offer. We believe that you, your family and your pets deserve to experience exceptional quality Kiwi products at everyday prices.


Kiwiso is owned by Alpha Group, which is based in New Zealand. We invest in research, infrastructure and technology, so we can meet the needs of our customers in New Zealand, China, and around the world. Our network across China makes accessing New Zealand products simpler and more affordable. We source exceptional New Zealand brands and make them accessible for all Chinese consumers.